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#1 2021-07-27 20:51:04

The Byte Size Brawler
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Bunsenlabs Musician Rollcall

It seems like we have a few budding musicians on the forum. I thought it might be a great idea to do a little rollcall thread to post up new music made by users on here. I no way classed as a musician in any shape, sense or form, I'm more of a modern day Fagin of the music world big_smile

Anyway you can check out my so called thievery on the following link

Look forward to hearing what other people have been upto  cool


#2 2021-11-18 04:36:32

Resident Metalhead
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Re: Bunsenlabs Musician Rollcall

Can I share my sons Bandcamp? It won't be to many people's taste here but he is only just really starting to develop.

I like my Metal like my coffee.......Black!


#3 2021-11-18 14:35:04

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Re: Bunsenlabs Musician Rollcall

I have long since stopped writing down original pieces and don't have my paper archive here anyway maybe I can get some of my MuseScore "compositions" from the 2004-2007 era to open in some sort of software.


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