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Hello from Germany... back to BunsenLabs after years

Hi everyone, I'm not really a BunsenLabs newbie. Starting with #crunchbang years ago, then I made the switch to Bunsenlabs with a lot of fun.
In the past four years, however, I may have turned on my old machine only once or twice. There were more important things to do - racing bikes, family and so on ;-) ...

Unfortunately, I had an accident a few weeks ago and at the moment I am not able to do my favourite stuff as much as I would like.
But - like Brian said: Always look at the bright side of life ;-).
A few friends of mine have start making music again after more than 30 years and so I decided to set up a small music studio (and to play a crunchy

The new computer will be delievered next week hopefully (and I think 32 GB of RAM will be more than enough, the old one won't do it anymore :-)) ...
during that time I've tested a few distros (a lot has happened in the Linux world the past few years - my old computer still had BunsenLabs with Jessie as the main OS...) ...

For the music production I decieded to install AV LInux with MX Linux as the base system. Yeah, I know ... nobody likes it ... but I like it very much with the modified XFCE DE, very snappy, fast and good organized.

Now I want to set up a system for daily use. And after a lot of thoughts and a few YouTube reviews (especially this one:, I decided to use BunsenLabs as my main system again. I hope I can handle all the changes in the Lithium Version. But heh: No risk no fun ... So: Happy weekend everyone.

Here two screenshots from my AVL MX Linux installation... I think I will set up my BL installation this way too.... so for now I am back in the openbox business :-)




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Re: Hello from Germany... back to BunsenLabs after years

Welcome back smile

I run a stripped down MX LInux for my main machine, every day driver. Debian stability, with MX fresh packages. I've been testing several Arch distros to move to, like Archcraft.

Nice scrots.


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Re: Hello from Germany... back to BunsenLabs after years

Welcome back Goran smile  Get well soon, but don't put Bunsenlabs back in the cupboard!

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Re: Hello from Germany... back to BunsenLabs after years

Hey Damo,

thank you!

I always loved the beauty and the speed of CB and BL too. So I will see if this old love still works for me ;-)

Unfortunately I was not able to install BL last night, because my wifi card was not recognized during the installation process (tried it with two wlan adapter... live mode was ok).

So I played around a bit and found a very interesting workaround to install BL on top of MX Linux. I checked it in a VM, what should I say? Itś beautiful, it combines the best of two worlds - or better of one world, because both are Debian ;-) it is called BLaML#! and I think the guy who wrote this workaround is also around here.

So now I will see if I can get it done in a real installation.



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