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Got a new laptop: XMG Core 15

Starting today, I'm a curious owner of a XMG Core 15 laptop (2020 model). They had it on sale a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist. I will be setting it up over the coming weeks, looking to replace my Thinkpad x240 in the long run as a "desktop replacement". The Thinkpad is, except for a keyboard assembly that needs replacement, perfectly fine and is going to last 5+ more years and will continue to serve as the "mobile" computer.

My "need" (part fabricated, part real) here is that I want faster graphics, faster CPU, and more RAM (x240 RAM is technically limited to 8G). Now I've got 16G in the XMG and it can take up to 64G, and a 10th gen Intel i7 CPU. Pretty future proof I think. If the chassis holds up, it'll last as long as the Thinkpad --- to be seen (TM). Buying a current Thinkpad with a RTX2060-level graphics was impossible to justify. The only decent option outside of Lenovo's Legion gaming laptop series would have been the X1 extreme edition with a RTX1650Ti at more than double the price, and as Lenovo has started soldering everything (RAM, GPU) I could have as well bought a macbook. With XMG, they use a generic chassis and add their components, so even though the laptop might not be as premium and long-lived as a classic Thinkpad, it's repairable, and they have pretty good support & warranty as well so I'm positive I made a good choice...

Biggest game changers in real life: Hardware decoding of x265 and 10bit x264 and vp9 --- My thinkpad can't play back 4k video and struggles with 1080p 10bit x264 ==> fixed; RTX2060 GPU is infinitely faster than the Intel GPU and will allow me to drive 2 external 24" 1920x1200 monitors at full speed (already have them) and in the future will have no problems doing the same with 2 external 4k monitors (next planned upgrade) -- impossbile with the Thinkpad. I'm sick and tired of waiting for Java applications to sluggishly load, and for bad websites including Gmail to slow down my browsing ---> hopefully vastly improved, kill them with brute force. I also like to game a bit; now I'll be able to play Xonotic with textures enabled and more than 30-60fps smile

I'll update here if there's something interesting with Linux going on. On the laptop itself there are plenty of reviews online already, so you can look it up smile

At the moment, I'm planning to have Windows 10 Enterprise as the host OS and Linux as a VM guest in order to enjoy reasonably safe screen locking, Excel and to try out WSL2. Because this laptop allows nvidia Optimus to be disabled, I'll also be experimenting with iGPU pass through to Linux VMs and such things (I'll keep running my Thinkpad OS in a VM --- maybe I'll make a post of how to best virtualize an existing UEFI Linux OS in a VM and move it to Windows).

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Re: Got a new laptop: XMG Core 15

Nice machine, and it will really come in handy for doing the BL dev work and why not have Windows as a guest instead and use Linux as the host? However if you have the BL dev environment already set up on your old thinkpad that be cool to move it to a VM so you can still work in that environment you painstakingly set up on that old machine and not having to fiddle with all that again on the new.

Looks like the start of a new journey!

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