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#1 2015-09-29 21:57:51

From: Svedujo
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Hi there! This is phle, Sweden, reporting in!

I've been using Linux as my main OS on my own computer(s) since ~2007, and began using CrunchBang Linux late 2013.

2015-Feb-06, corenominal signed off as CrunchBang Linux' developer, but even though his farewell had the subject line of The end., it wasn't the End of the world.

People both in the CrunchBang Forums and elsewhere got busy,
I explored "Walsie" ("Wally" from the CrunchBang Forums - but on top of Debian "Jessie" (then frozen, but already rather stable) LXDE, as I never got the hang of how to get online with my WiFi-only connection after having done the netinstall) and Debian LXDE "but modified" (my "Crunchification" of the Openbox that comes with LXDE),
... and now I'm writing my introductory post for the BunsenLabs Forums, using a computer running BunsenLabs Hydrogen RC1. smile

I mainly use my computer to browse-and-interact on the web, and check/write e-mails, and in reality doesn't tinker that much - but I can if I "have" to.
I consider myself an "experienced newbie": I may not know how to "do all the things", but I can (usually) read and follow instructions
... and if things go "Crunch! Bang#", I'll re-install my OS, "cross all fingers and toes", and hope for the best.  tongue

as of 2020-Jun-08:  Bunsenlabs 10 "Lithium" (RC3)  (and BunsenLabs 9.8 "Helium", and Windows 8.1) on mainly-at-home  (64-bit UEFI; defunct battery)  |  64-bit Windows 10 on carry-around  || TypeMatrix 2030 USB (blank) + "skin",  Logitech Marble Mouse USB,  Logitech B105
¤  Se vi scivolas: Mi estas ina.  ¤  (Mi provas lerni E-on, sed ankoraŭ ne majstri ĝin.) ¤


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BL Die Hard
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Re: Hi there! This is phle, Sweden, reporting in!

Glad you're here. Hopefully a mod can show us to the coffee room soon.


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Re: Hi there! This is phle, Sweden, reporting in!

Hello again!

Per aspera ad astra.


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Re: Hi there! This is phle, Sweden, reporting in!

@phle - welcome to BLF

Coffee Room?  OH my we have been lax ... gimme a Sec ...

» Bunsen Coffee Shoppe join us, chat, drink coffee, read and more.

The sun will never set if you keep walking towards it. - my son
Being positive doesn't understand physics.
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