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I have several old computers that I want to keep running

I came across Bunsenlabs while searching for distros that run on old computers. It's getting harder to find 32 bit systems, and some of the ones that will technically run are fiddly or don't quite work on the computers I have without a lot of work.

Several years ago I used Fedora as my daily system (dual boot with Windows 7) but that system went haywire and I got a new laptop. Then my life changed so that I wasn't on the computer all day, so I didn't bother to try and dual boot the new one. I still have various old laptops lying around and I like to try and keep them going just for the fun of it.

Yesterday I installed BL on an old Acer Aspire One netbook. So far it seems pretty good so I am thinking about trying it on another one that is currently running Antix. There is something not right about how Antix deals with the NTFS partition on the other system that I haven't figured out yet. I also have a really old HP laptop that happens to have the only working CD-ROM drive in the house right now, so I have used various systems to keep that one going. Right now I think it has a version of Puppy on it. I also have a couple of truly ancient boxes in a closet that I want to get rid of but I'm thinking about trying to put a functioning system on them first. Last time I got them out I think I used Damn Small Linux but they have been idle for a long time.


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Re: I have several old computers that I want to keep running

Good to hear your story. Enjoy your tinkering smile

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