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Accessble scripting/programming language for this potential app?

Hello folks!

I move between devices a bit and I use SSHFS to mount clients' remote filesystems so I can work on them instead of utilizing FTP.  I have always created a simple bash script to handle this, then called it via OB's menu, one script to mount, one to unmount. 

Instead of building menus, I'd like to handle this in as simple an app as possible so I can move it across devices.  I'd like to be able to add an entry (site name, ssh URL and user), and since I install the keys, I don't need to bother with the password.  Once the client's have been added, I'd like to be able to select one and either mount or unmount the file system.

In the past, we had played with some simple scripts in the forum but it's been so long, I don't know what it was that we were writing in(EDIT: Zenity I think after googling!) and I don't know what the language's limitations were.  I'd like a non-compiled scripting language, if possible to keep it easy to work with/modify but if there's something more complex that could be easily worked with as a neophyte, I'd be interested in that as well.

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time!

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