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If you've been browsing to so far, you could have noticed that in recent browser versions, Firefox, Chromium and Chrome would print a warning like this to the console:

Cookie “pun_cookie_xxxx” will be soon rejected because it has the “sameSite” attribute set to “none” or an invalid value, without the “secure” attribute.

This is because a (not so new, actually) more restrictive cookie policy regime is going to be finally enforced by major browserse.

I have just updated our FluxBB instance to always create "secure" cookies so you'll be able to continue logging in to the site indefinitely.

However, cookies that have been created by FluxBB prior to this will persist until a logout/login cycle. So if for some reason, after some of the next Firefox/Chrome/Chromium updates, you experience weird behaviour, try deleting all cookies and re-login. The new cookies will be created in the correct way.

You can check if you're up-to-date, for example, in Firefox, by pressing F12 and going to the Storage tab. You'll see two forum cookies, both with the "Secure" attribute set to true:


Chrome-like browsers should have something similar.


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