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I have a first gen Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1, Core i7, 8 GB RAM.  The Achilles Heel of the first gen has been battery life.  Windows 10 < 2 hours, with all power management drivers.  Ubuntu fared better at around 3 hours. And the machine ran kind of hot, even with TLP and other power management tools installed. I tinkered around with Bunsen many years ago, as openbox takes a bit to configure.  It isn't hard, but adding menu items is a bit cumbersome.

That being said, I was please to see all of my Fn keys worked for sound/brightness and perhaps other things I have not tried.

Currently I am on hour number 3, and the estimate says I still have 3 to go, and the battery is at 56%, and the machine is barely above room temperature on the bottom, and CPU bounces to about 2% sometimes while the browser is open (Opera - I am a super fan).

Having things work out of the box for lighter distributions has always been iffy at best.  Lubuntu and Linux Lite do work well, but similar to Ubuntu, the battery life on this machine still was not great.


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