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Lost forum email (registration email, password resets, …)

For a few months now deliverability of forum email to some email providers hasn't been good: Some users didn't either receive password reset emails, or their initial registration emails. Most email is still going through just fine. Only single users should be affected.

The reason for that is that the SMTP SaaS platform we're sending from ( had its IP ranges blocked by email hosters like Microsoft, leading to our emails never reaching the user's inbox or spam box in the first place.

If you're into that kind of situation, just email from the email address you signed up with, and your username, and we'll reset your password for you. In order to convince the likes of, etc to let our emails through in the future, you can also try adding the sender

to your webmail address book; this tends to improve deliverability quite often. This should also be the reason that few users are actually affected by this issue: after the first email came through and wasn't classified as spam or rejected outright, subsequent emails are more likely to be admitted, too.

Part of the reason for our email-unlikability is likely that our outgoing email is not DKIM-signed and our from-domain doesn't have DMARC records set, so we have some room to improve things in the future; though nowadays even these measures wouldn't guarantee delivery.



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Re: Lost forum email (registration email, password resets, …)

Thanks for the headsup, and will add the sender email to my addy book in Gmail and in

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