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Back home

Hello everyone, after having a good time with the cousin sister of this great distro, I think that Archlinux is a great system, but I speak precisely of Archlabs, it gave me a great experience and learning, but at the end of time, I think not I feel like being a hard head or Taliban, dealing with so many problems of keys and things like that, without a doubt Archlabs has been inspired by a good distro like this one, I am grateful to its developers and community since they are always available to help to the users, but I have returned to my dear ex CrunchBang, and without a doubt the fluidity and performance that Bunsenlabs gives me I have felt it from the moment that I have reinstalled it on my computer, so stable and with its incomparable Openbox, I can say that I feel very good, and above all I feel at home. Greetings Partners smile


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Re: Back home

Welcome to BL.  Us AL dudes will miss you big_smile

I like my Metal like my coffee.......Black!


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