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#1 2019-10-19 13:30:09

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Bullseye and lithium...

I got a new laptop today, an Acer with Ryzen 5 Vega graphics.

Being not especially cautious I didn't check the hardware, and simply installed BL, only to find tht I needed to upgrade the kernel. I promptly, just to see how well it would work, upgraded to bullseye and rebooted into  a Bunsen session, which I have been using for some hours now with only a few minor glitches (mostly network manager not wanting to use the wifi---not a problem as I am cabled).

In any event, although I expect it to break in a not too distant upgrade, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and the real estate provided by a 1080 resolution.

Of course, I probably will install opensuse and see how it runs the Ryzen, just for the fun of it, before I have to get back to some sort of work.


#2 2019-10-24 17:45:26

Miss Mixunderstand
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Re: Bullseye and lithium...

dhalgren wrote:

In any event, although I expect it to break in a not too distant upgrade

Why? You will probably be surprised of how long time it takes before it breaks, if it breaks that is?

Breakage also depends on what the user does of course. big_smile

Keep BunsenLabs #!yish please.


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