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A French guy seeking simplicity in BL

Hi there,

My name is justin aka Bridouz. I'm  nearly 27 years old and work as a nurse assistant in a retired home with people suffering from Alzheimer and various dementias.

When I'm home I enjoy reading SF books, comicbooks, listening and playing music and ... using Linux and playing with it.

I've using Linux for 15 years now and still enjoy it.

Last year I used Solus (which I really love and used for 4 years.), Void Linux and Fedora Silverblue. But my old computer can't keep up with technology progress and my mind also wants more simple softwares. Gnome 3 (I also used KDE 4, Plasma 5 and XFCE) is a really nice DE with good softwares, but I'm enjoying CLI stuff and minimal stuffs right now.

That's why I ended up here, to have Debian stability and BL openbox tweaks. (I tested Void Linux with Cwm as a WM but that was too extreme.)

Hope I will be able to help here and there.

See You,

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Re: A French guy seeking simplicity in BL

Welcome to the Bunsenlabs community! I hope it meets your needs smile

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Re: A French guy seeking simplicity in BL

Hi Justin, welcome to BunsenLabs!

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