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Bundlewrap: Config management with Python


This might be of interest to those configuring multiple machines with some custom setup.

Found in a recent blog post by Debian dev Jonathan Carter:

Jonathan Carter wrote:

Bundlewrap is a configuration management system written in Python. If you’re familiar with bcfg2 and Ansible, the concepts in Bundlewrap will look very familiar to you. It’s not as featureful as either of those systems, but what it lacks in advanced features it more than makes up for in ease of use and how easy it is to learn. It’s immediately useful for the large amount of cases where you want to install some packages and manage some config files based on conditions with templates. For anything else you might need you can write small Python modules.

Bundlewrap wrote:

Quick and easy to get started. You don't even need to know Python.

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Re: Bundlewrap: Config management with Python

Sounds like a great and useful basic config management system you can even use in a small company to manage servers and workstations without too much hassle.

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