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#1 2019-05-19 16:49:41

From: Finland
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hello i'm new here

Hi Everyone
I'm a new user to Linux and Bunsen labs
basically, I had an old laptop (windows vista old)and the windows would not run I tried to reinstall windows but the hidden partition that prevented reinstall then finally I used antix booted from a USB to wipe the whole drive, then I took a looked through distrowatch tried a few distros but due to numerous problems because its a Fujitsu esprimo mobile with the problematic onboard sis graphics then I tried Bunsun labs Helium and it just worked so now I have a useable laptop again the only problem I found when I add software its not in the list so I installed a dock then when I ran the software I just added it the dock and I can live with that
So in advance, I apologize for all the future questions I may have to ask

yeah,well, thats just like, your opinion man
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jgmenu developer
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Re: hello i'm new here

Welcome. Good choice big_smile of distro.


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Re: hello i'm new here

Hi Huldalumi, welcome to BunsenLabs! smile
Please ask as many questions as you like. No guarantee of an answer of course...

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