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Good Morning!

Hi, everyone.
I got started with Linux about ten years ago when someone asked, "Do you use a Mac or PC?".  It made me wonder why there are only two choices in the computer world.  A quick Google search showed me a whole world of options I never knew existed.  After two days of a dual boot system (Windows/Ubuntu) I wiped the drive, installed Ubuntu by itself and never went back.  Linux is purely a hobby for me so it's taken some time to learn, but as I went from distro to distro I realized that I like speed and flexibility which led me to Openbox on top of Arch which has been my primary setup for a couple of years now.  What I have learned from using Arch for a time is that I also would like some stability smile  I had planned on installing Debian with OB and stumbled onto Bunsenlabs.  Wow!  Everything I need for a functional laptop while I get familiar with Debian.  And it's beautiful, too.

I've been tweaking things a bit for a week or so now and am loving BL.  Lots of clear documentation and a great attitude in the forums.  I'm really looking forward to learning more and figuring out how to "make it my own".


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Re: Good Morning!

Hi xarcher, welcome to BunsenLabs! smile

...elevator in the Brain Hotel, broken down but just as well...
( a boring Japan blog (currently paused), idle Twitterings and GitStuff )

Introduction to the Bunsenlabs Lithium Desktop


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