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Hi all,

Found this forum's link from #! forums. My username was android503 over there. I've been using #! for more than a year on my oldie Acer laptop (1GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 2.00GHz Intel P6100 processor, 32bit) until recently I made a switch to BunsenLabs. And I must say, I loved it more than #! overall.
My big thanks and greetings to BL dev team for making such beautiful distro. You guyz rock!

In general, I mainly use (and love) Linux distributions because of it's diversity of applications, it's robustness and open source. Plus it is free!

Apart from this boring intro (-:p) , I would like to introduce myself to the rest of BL forum members. I am 21M living in Mumbai, India. I like to talk to and meet new people. I like to explore technology &  things. And I read a lot of mangas. >_>
That's it.

And once again, Namaste! -:D

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Re: Namaste!

Welcome to BL.  Hope you find a nice comfortable little corner away from the test animals. smile

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Re: Namaste!

Hello Eon. I go to India every year or two, though not to gigantic Mumbai...

Linux in the backwoods of the Rocky Mountains...


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