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#1 2018-09-26 21:47:14

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BunsenLabs is Awesome

Hi Y'all:

I will keep this short and sweet smile 

Have used a bunch of other distros like CentOS, Xubuntu, Arch, and MadBox.
Most of the time I like to use Openbox and have some
previous experience with the earlier release of Bunsenlabs.
So after not using it for about a year I decided to install it
on an old ThinkPad (x120e). 

Installation took about 15 minutes. Compositing is not working well.
And screen tearing is an issue. (Not really much of a problem as long
as I am only using the terminal.) After the install I added a few
extra apps and changed some new entries in the openbox menu.

When using VirtualBox on the x120e I noticed that VBox was actually
using the set theme. Have to say thanks for paying so much attention
to such a small detail! I do not know what you guys did to make that
happen but it is really awesome to see Vbox not using the default

Overall a really good design and setup. And I have since installed
it on another laptop as well.


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Re: BunsenLabs is Awesome

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words!

BL should work fine on old Thinkpads, open a support thread for each issue in Basic Help & Support.


#3 2018-09-27 18:29:23

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Re: BunsenLabs is Awesome

I can confirm that BL works great on old Thinkpads. Oh, and hi!

A bit nerdy, trying to grow up.


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