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FWD: Debian's jessie-backports distribution discontinued

The BL team would like to forward an announcement by the Debian FTP masters team. The following only applies to users of BunsenLabs Hydrogen, our previous release, which is based on Debian Jessie, and among those users to all who have the Debian jessie-backports repository configured.

With jessie entering LTS we are following up with shutting down
jessie-backports (and jessie-backports-sloppy).  We deprecated LTS
support for backports already with the release of stretch, and a thread
that we started on debian-backports about it didn't raise any new ideas
how to make this working, so if you are using backports on jessie we
suggest you to take this as a strong recommendation to finally do the
upgrade to stretch.

Almost 2000 packages were uploaded to jessie-backports during its life
cycle, and nearly 100 to jessie-backports-sloppy.  We thank all the
contributors for their continued effort to keep these package in a good
shape, which added to the usefulness of the Debian ecosystem.

The suites will soon be moved to the archive, no new upload will get
processed, and it is planned to get removed from the regular mirror
network to reduce confusion about continuing support of it.
What does this mean?

All packages you have installed from Debian jessie-backports won't receive any updates anymore, including security updates. At some point, APT will complain that it can't load the jessie-backports source information anymore. At this point, you want to remove any mention of Debian jessie-backports from your sources.list.

What if I need to use the 4.9 kernel from jessie-backports to make my hardware work?

The 4.9 kernel, previously provided in jessie-backports, is an exception to the backports deprecation and is now receiving security updates through the regular jessie distribution. You can continue using the 4.9 kernel series and stay secure.

What about the BunsenLabs jessie-backports distribution?

The BL jessie-backports repository (this one) is independent from the Debian project and will continue to receive select updates, most notably up-to-date builds of tint2 and jgmenu.

What does the BL team recommend?

We recommend to upgrade to BunsenLabs Helium (based on Debian 9) soon, as this is the only fully supported Debian and BL release today.


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