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#1 2018-08-23 01:28:58

That's it!
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Changes to The Team

It is with great pleasure that, after a long absence due to illness, I can announce that @damo is back with us! Welcome back, damo, you were missed.

I'd also like to announce the addition of malm, the developer of jgmenu, to The Development Team. Welcome!

Sadly, Head_on_a_Stick has left the team due to time commitments. I'd like to thank him on behalf of BunsenLabs for all his help during his time with us.

And, as always, thanks to our donators, forum members and contributors, and the users of BunsenLabs. Your support has been awe inspiring. Here's to you, cheers!


#2 2018-08-23 05:36:19

Resident Metalhead
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Re: Changes to The Team

Yay, welcome back damo.

Welcome malm!

Thanks HoaS!

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#3 2018-08-24 16:30:36

Miss Mixunderstand
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Re: Changes to The Team

^What Dobbie03 said!

Keep BunsenLabs #!yish please.


#4 2018-08-26 15:38:10

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Re: Changes to The Team

Welcome back Damo and great to see you around again. Also hopefully HoaS will come back at a future time.

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