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Do you guys like visual studio code?

What's up everyone?

Do you guys like this editor? I think microsoft is up to something and might be getting some of its positive mojo back.

So, the first editor I used was actually Microsoft Visual Studio 6, this was before I was a linux user. It was a great IDE that did what it was supposed to in a flawless way, because at that time, why wouldn't it really?

Fast forward 20  years. and a bunch of editors and IDEs, and we're left with less choice than we were say, 10 years ago. Since the whole gnome 3 fiasco, I was pretty much forced to give up on gedit 2 and was left orphan of text editor. Frustration wouldn't stop... until visual studio code showed up.

Simple things that they got right (IMO):

* Ctrl tab (how hard can this be... damn it all other editors grrrr)
* version control integration
* quickly opening a text file
* open folder
* quickly bring up or hide a terminal **in the current folder**
* color schemes implemented for the whole editor and easily manageable per folder

Then there's the big elephand in the room: it's build on a freakin browser engine. Although performance is certainly optimized when compared with other such applications, it probably uses like 100 times more resources than an editor implemented on non-bloated technologies.

It became my favorite editor. I think they have been pragmatic and I, for one, can say that it's a FOSS that is useful to me.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Is microsoft being good guy microsoft here ? I think they are.

Share y our thoughts.


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Re: Do you guys like visual studio code?

I never really needed an IDE, but I think geany does pretty much everything you noted (with some plugins and some libvte9 for terminal), p.s. not sure about color-schemes per folder. ctrl+tab seems to jump from document to document.

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Re: Do you guys like visual studio code?

I like it, I use it, just have to make sure to opt-out of the nosy features.

Tbh they should have ported the full blown Visual Studio IDE to linux first, but oh well, if I needed a full blown IDE, I go for Eclipse.

And is Microsoft being a good guy? It seems as such, but there is nothing that confirms that what Microsoft is doing isn't just an elaborate Embrace, Extend, Extinguish scheme. Them Buying Github imo doesn't help their case in any way.

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Re: Do you guys like visual studio code?


i'm not a professional, or actually not really a coder at all, but i still say that GNU/Linux is an IDE.

take this:

  • a tiling window manager

  • a few terminals with editors (i hear vim is great) and whatever else you need

  • configurable keybinds (whatever ctrl-tab does, make it!)

  • maybe one or two custom scripts

like they say, there's a learning curve, but i'm sure many "real coders" do it like this, but i'm sure that in the end the workflow will be much better than on visual studio.


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