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#1 2018-08-18 13:26:11

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Hey everyone! Nice to be here!

Hope everyone is well.

You guys are heroes to me. It's a blast from the past to register here, but also a reminder that where there is a will, there's a way.
Big thanks to all the people keeping bunsenlabs alive. Apreciated. Mandatory shout out to the guru corenominal too.

I've been a linux user since the early 2000s.Forums like this one were once by the hundreds. Today, sadly, most are gone and webforums are not the most trendy thing. I am happy to be here and hope I can contribute with the casual reply here and there, perhaps with some useful help, and a little bit of OT too.

Fun fact: Back in the day, I contributed with a handful of commits to PunBB, the forum software from which FluxBB was forked from and which we are using right now in this forums. But that's OT for another day.



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Re: Hey everyone! Nice to be here!

Welcome (back) to the forums, and the wild & wonderful world of FOSS, pete!


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Re: Hey everyone! Nice to be here!

Welcome its nice to have you here.

I was literally talking with a friend about the decline of good forums like this the other day.

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Re: Hey everyone! Nice to be here!

Hi Pete, welcome to The Lab!

( a boring Japan blog , Japan Links, idle twitterings  and GitStuff )
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