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#1 2018-06-15 20:57:34

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Yo! (yo, I feel like a...)

I started using Linux when Vista proved itself to be terrible. The first distro I used was PCLOS Gnome Mini, as it was the only one I could get on the net with, and, even then, it still required a lot of fiddling with ndiswrapper.

In the early years, I did a lot of 'hopping, but outright refused to look at #!. Why? Because of the daft name.

Ultimately, and having tried many other distros, I relented, and installed the lite version, based on Ubuntu 9.04.

Like most here, I fell in love with Openbox, but felt there had to be something 'better', so I tried something else. Then went back to #!. Then I tried something else. And went back to #!. Then tried get the picture.

When corenominal finally hung up his iso's, I didn't migrate to BL straight away.

I tried many distros.

And I'm here now. (Back? It certainly smells familiar.)

And I'll probably be off again in a few months.

I daresay I'll be back.

Yeah, yo-yo seems apt.



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Re: Yo! (yo, I feel like a...)

Welcome back (back, back...), grapefruit.


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Re: Yo! (yo, I feel like a...)


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Re: Yo! (yo, I feel like a...)

Openbox install life... smile Welcome and have fun!

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