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#1 2018-05-26 22:38:55

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belated return

I don't remember why it was that I ever wandered away from this community, but life made sure that I stayed away, for one reason or another. But I want to be back, so I am returning. I still haven't fully gotten back, but am working on it. I have been working on a few pipemenus and plan to pick up my old conky projects, once I get reacquainted with them.

While I was away I did still learn about linux, and even played with other DEs like Gnome and KDE. That was fun but I ended up coming about the Openbox (first love and all), the others just didn't work for me and what I do.

I have been trying to keep up-to-date on what has been happening here with bunsenlabs, running it in VMs, playing with it, and I rather like the new look. I had hydrogen on a workstation for others to use, but the workstation just got replaced, and as for me, I run Openbox on a Fedora minimal install.


#2 2018-05-27 02:03:24

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Re: belated return

Hi ansem_of_nexus, welcome back!

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Re: belated return

Welcome back!

ansem_of_nexus wrote:

I run Openbox on a Fedora minimal install

Interesting glasses

How does the memory usage compare for a bare desktop?

“Et ignotas animum dimittit in artes.” — Ovid, Metamorphoses, VIII., 18.

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