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Heads-Up: Short BL service outages in the coming days

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in a number of CPUs by major manufacturers do affect all hosting platforms the BunsenLabs project is using to run its services. Because our hosters are working on mitigating the impact of these vulnerabilities, during the next few days, all of our servers will be automatically rebooted at unknown times and all BL services (website, forums, torrent tracker, package archives, direct downloads of ISO images) will become unavailable for a few minutes at a time.

This is just a heads-up to our forum guests and users; our infrastructure should handle the reboots gracefully. Just don't wonder if you find the site down sometime during the next days.


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Re: Heads-Up: Short BL service outages in the coming days

And the good news with this is:  It's not a Sector11 "OOPSIE!"

Forum down, easy, grab a coffee, it will be back!

Thanks for the heads up earlybird

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