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Hi, I'm Kes,

I have been using Lubuntu for a number of years, and am now considering Bunsen Labs.

How are X-Windows driven in Bunsen Labs?

Can I place an icon on top of a Conky widget in bunsen labs. (I have not found a way to do this with Lubuntu which uses the LXDE window manager).

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Re: Hi

Hi kes, Welcome!

You know, BunsenLabs use Openbox as his Window Manager. While conky runs fine PNG icons on his code, also conky-fonts show icons on the desktop or window manager. this is an example

We've many conky threads Do your question on the right topic if you have any uncertainties, or place your code where you've a doubts. Welcome! Hope BunsenLabs fill your needs when you are ready for it.


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Re: Hi

Hi kes, welcome to BunsenLabs!

(In fact, Lubuntu and LXDE use the same window manager as BL, ie openbox, )

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Re: Hi

Lubuntu uses pcmanfm for its file manager. pcmanfm can also be configured to manage your desktop. In that case, it interferes with conky's ability to draw to the desktop. This can most easily be avoided by not running pcmanfm with the -d option. It is very likely if pcmanfm is drawing icons to the desktop that it is being started in ~/.config/Openbox/autostart with a command like:

pcmanfm -d &

There might also be an entry for pcmanfm in /etc/xdg/autostart.
If you disable pcmanfm managing your desktop, the result will be that your desktop icons will disappear. One way to work around this would be to add those desktop launchers to a tint2 panel. The command


will give you a gui. Under the launcher tab, you will see a list of all the desktop entries that can be added to your tint2. These launchers are identical to your desktop icons. There are other possible workarounds for this issue. This is just one suggestion as a workaround.

P.S. Conky works in Bunsenlabs because we use Thunar as the file manager by default and it does not manage the desktop like pcmanfm can.


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