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Building Up BunsenLabs from Debian

Hey guys. So on my main Desktop PC I have a full copy of B.L running. but on my work laptop, in a VM I'd like to experiment with a Debian "Jessie" non graphical install that I have. There's no GUI, at all, so I'd like to try to "roll" my own bunsenlabs to mimic the default BL Hydrogen.  How would I go about this?  What packages are needed to build a completely command interface to using a GUI? 

So far to get a pretty accurate B.L 'stack', I'd need Openbox, Conky, lightdm, tint2, and nitrogen. What else would be required? I've read somewhere about the X server being needed?

I know it'd probably be a lot easier just to download a prepacked Desktop environment, but I'd like to try my hand at piecing all of the parts together, frankenstyle!

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Re: Building Up BunsenLabs from Debian

If you go to the Installation page on and see how to use the netinstall script....

You can read the script and see what is being installed. There are also several threads on the CB forums (one of which is flagged with ***WARNINGS*** ! )

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Re: Building Up BunsenLabs from Debian

Horizon_Brave wrote:

I've read somewhere about the X server being needed?

Just use the xorg metapackage to install the X server.

sudo apt install xorg

You can also add the BL repositories and use the packages from there:

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