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#1 2015-10-01 19:26:25


Hi guys (again)

All is well in RTP.
Tho, battening down the hatches for the impending hurricane.

#2 2015-10-01 19:29:37

Ol' Pink Eyes
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Re: Hi guys (again)

Hey Hinto, thanks for staying with us. Yeah, pouring along the coast of SC today.

Does your physical disability preclude you from coming to the point?


#3 2015-10-01 21:15:39

Conky 1.9er Mod Squid
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Re: Hi guys (again)

OUCH!  Good luck with that hinto and welcome to Bunsen

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#4 2015-10-01 22:24:41

From: out of that impossible sky
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Re: Hi guys (again)

Welcome to BunsenLabs!

The servant lifted off a kind of ottoman a long peacock-blue drapery, rather of the nature of a domino, on the front of which was emblazoned a large golden sun, and which was splashed here and there with flaming stars and crescents. “You’re to be dressed as Thursday, sir,” said the valet somewhat affably.


#5 2015-10-02 08:29:52

Internal Affairs
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Re: Hi guys (again)

Howdy doody neighborino!  Yeah, I've been loving this weather all week myself (still the cyclocommuter); when my boss said we might be sent home early tomorrow night because of the storm, I said "What, so there's supposed to be rain tomorrow?  What a refreshing change!"

Seriously, though, welcome to our neu digz.

Be excellent to each other, on, dudes!
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#6 2015-10-02 13:13:59


Re: Hi guys (again)

^ as our gov said before "Don't put on your stupid hat" wink
I had to come in today since Charter's internet is out (at home).
Since it is raining... I plan on installing BL on the metal today.  Even though for the past few years I've been coding in XCode and Visual Studio, Linux is too fun to give up;)  I use it to get "stuff done" and host my Win7 guest.

As far as new digz, I posted the open for business in the "Linux News" topic on LinuxBBQ.

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