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#1 2015-10-01 08:35:57

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Totally Random New User!

So I was reminiscing about favorite flavors of linux and I remembered crunchbang and went to check it out, and what do I see but a shiny new OS to try out!

Downloaded the torrent at blinding speeds (and will continue seeding it wink ) and have just finished the install (with it recognizing my b43 wireless card just fine btw) and I'm loving the experience so far! It's just like a long lost friend!

Thanks to all that have made bunsenlabs and I look forward to a long relationship!



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Re: Totally Random New User!

Welcome to BunsenLabs! Have fun big_smile

There's a pot of coffee somewhere if you want to help yourself wink

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Re: Totally Random New User!

DanielS wrote:

with it recognizing my b43 wireless card just fine btw

Excellent. Thanks for the feedback, and welcome!

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